Knappa Schools Foundation Scholarships - 2015



Knappa Schools Foundation was organized in 1997 by interested people in our community. It is a separate organization from the School District. The Foundation's mission statement is: “To provide resources to enhance education and encourage personal success for the students of Knappa Schools”. KSF scholarships are awarded to students with intentions of completing a college or university degree and have been a role model of good citizenship at Knappa High School and in the community. The amount awarded has varied from $500 to $1,000 each.



This $500 scholarship was established in 2003. Steve Allen, a Certified Public Accountant and businessman in Astoria, is the donor. The Allen children attended Knappa schools and Steve served on the KSF Board. This scholarship exemplifies his continued dedication to Knappa students by providing funds for them to continue their education. Preference in awarding this scholarship will go to students who intend to pursue a business or accounting degree.



Autio Company was established in 1950 in the Knappa area, and manufactures industrial food processing equipment that is now used throughout the U.S. and in 33 countries. The Autio Company Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating Knappa High School senior who demonstrates resourcefulness, the ability to set and accomplish goals, and a concern for and involvement the community. Preference will be given to applicants interested in pursuing training in engineering, manufacturing or a vocational or trade program, including agriculture. The Autio Company scholarship may be used at a university, college, community college, or a vocational or trade program.



The Corkill Family Scholarship was established in 2007 by longtime residents of the area. Some have attended the local schools. Members of the family have been active on school budget committees, served as district board members, and have been on the teaching staff for many years. The family now wishes to financially assist those who endeavor to continue their education. Good academic achievement, good leadership, good citizenship, and community service are all qualities the recipient of this scholarship should demonstrate. The Corkill Family Scholarship may be granted for technical, vocational, or for a four-year college or university. Pursuit of a degree in the teaching profession should carry weight in determining the recipient.



Shawn Teevin of Teevin Brothers Land & Timber provided funds for this scholarship. Shawn is a KSF Board member, and not only funds this scholarship, but has generously contributed to Knappa Schools and the community as well. The scholarship goes to a Knappa graduating senior with intentions to complete four years of college. Preference in awarding this scholarship will go to a student who intends to pursue a forestry or engineering related degree.



Ted and Judy Ivarie were sweethearts while attending Knappa High School in the early 1950’s. They married in 1956, have five children, have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and continue to live an extraordinarily happy life in retirement. Both found personal and profession satisfaction in service to others through their roles as public school and university educators. Knappa High School proved to be a nourishing environment with steadfast friends, caring faculty and administrators, and unlimited opportunities to participate in activities. Recipients of The Ted and Judy Ivarie Scholarship will have demonstrated and have potential to make a positive, significant difference in the lives of others. Applicants should be hard workers, industrious and goal oriented, cooperative and supportive of others. This scholarship is intended to facilitate continued growth and development of these characteristics at an institution of higher education.



Evelyn & Toivo Kivisto raised three girls who were very active in Knappa Schools; Charlotte, Judy, and Patricia. Their mother was very active in PTA and both parents were avid fans of the sports program. Judy Kivisto Josephson established this scholarship before she passed away. This scholarship is intended to be awarded to a student with a burning desire to go on to college.



John Schuyler grew up in the Knappa area and graduated from Knappa High School. He starred in both football and basketball. In his adult life he was an avid supporter of all Knappa Schools' activities and emphasized good grades and study habits to his children and their friends. Unfortunately, John passed away in 2005, after a bout with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The scholarship will be awarded to a student with good grades with plans to attend college, but who is struggling to receive scholarships. A grade school Student Aide may also be a qualification for this scholarship.



Josh Amanna was a Knappa High School student, and was a FFA chapter member with a keen interest in agriculture. Monte Kinsley was a Brownsmead area dairyman and strong supporter of FFA and 4-H youth programs. The scholarship will be awarded to a first year college student with special consideration given to students interested in pursuing a career in agriculture. The recipient must have participated in either FFA or 4-H.



Katherine Salvon-McIntyre, a native of Knappa and a teacher in the Knappa Schools for 40 years, established this scholarship in 2004. She began her teaching career in 1926, just out of Knappa Union High School, as she took Teacher's Training during her Senior year and taught at Svensen Grade School in the afternoons. She served 20 years as principal and teacher at the Knappa Grade School. Mrs. McIntyre passed away in 2005, a month shy of her 99th birthday.  The Katherine Salvon-McIntyre Scholarship gives preference to a student who plans to pursue a career in teaching, has exhibited outstanding leadership qualities, has demonstrated the ability to set goals, and displayed academic excellence.



Peter Fisher graduated from Knappa High School in 1992. He lost his battle with cancer in 2000. He was an active student, participating in athletics, drama and FFA. This scholarship is intended to encourage and recognize students who seek their education in the many facets of the school experience. This scholarship is provided to assist a worthy Knappa graduate who wishes to further their education at an accredited four-year institution of higher learning. The recipient must have demonstrated good citizenship and have participated in a variety of extracurricular activities.



Roger Schoenborn was a Vocational Agriculture Teacher and Director at the Area Vocational Center in Astoria for many years. He lived in Knappa where his children attended Knappa Schools. He served as Adviser to the Future Farmers of America and taught leadership, public speaking, and parliamentary skills throughout his public school career. He was also an Occupational Specialist for Portland Public Schools and served as an Adviser to all Portland High School vocational youth group leaders. He believed in the leadership potential of young people and gave skilled and enthusiastic help to his many students. The scholarship will be awarded with preference to a student who plans to pursue a career in agriculture, has exhibited outstanding leadership qualities including active membership in a student leadership organization, has demonstrated the ability to set goals, and displayed academic excellence.



Hans Jochen (Joe) Rohne was a Brownsmead dairyman who emigrated to Brownsmead at the age of 24 after escaping Communist East Germany with his parents and sisters. His three children all graduated from Knappa High School and all went on to earn university degrees. Sara is a member of the KSF Board.  The scholarship will be awarded to a graduating Knappa High School senior with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, has participated in a variety of activities, and demonstrates outstanding character and citizenship. Preference will be given to students who have participated in either 4-H or FFA and plan to pursue an education in agriculture or international studies.



The Newberg Family Scholarship was established in 2007 after the passing of Earl Newberg, who graduated from Knappa-Svensen High School in 1935. Walt Newberg, who graduated from Knappa-Svensen High in 1937, was inducted into the Wall of Fame during the 10th KSF Annual Dinner/Auction in 2007. The Scholarship Committee will award this scholarship based on financial need, academic achievement, and outstanding community service.



Robert Rankin was a 2006 Knappa High School graduate who excelled and lettered in multiple sports. He was well liked by all. His father is a commercial fisherman, and Robert helped him whenever possible. This scholarship was established in 2009, and is to be awarded to a graduating Knappa High Senior who will be attending a community college, 4 year college, or trade/vocational school on a full-time basis. The recipient must have demonstrated leadership, citizenship, service to his/her school and community, and have a love for life, outdoors, and family.



Christy Miethe was a 1993 graduate of Knappa High School. After graduating she went on to earn her nursing degree from Clatsop Community College and her Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Oregon Health & Science University. Eventually, Christy found her passion was working as a Lower Columbia Hospice Nurse. Her patients and their families were her inspiration. Christy was diagnosed with brain cancer in June 2011, and passed away on December 21, 2011. To honor her memory the family has established this scholarship to be awarded to a KHS graduate aspiring to become a nurse.



The Columbia Bank, by approval of the Board of Directors, established in 1999, a scholarship program to provide financial assistance to worthy high school graduates who express a desire to continue their formal education. A Columbia Bank scholarship may be awarded to either a male or female and will not be limited to financial need. The student’s GPA must be 3.0 or above, and the student must be working towards a 4 year degree at an accredited institution. The student need not be attending a four-year school to be eligible for the scholarship. The award is intended to be used toward their first year of college education and will not be limited to tuition expense.



New in 2014, this scholarship is funded by Larry and Debby Inman who have both been heavily involved in the agricultural community in Clatsop County and around the world. The recipient of this scholarship should have some background in agriculture or forestry, or have goals to study either of these subjects after graduation from KHS.